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The Uniwell HX5500 is a 15.6″ Widescreen POS Terminal with Capacitive Touch Panel.


  • Remote Support Access
  • Data is saved for long periods of time with large internal storage
  • Low Cost Table Service option by using Phoenix Hand Held Ordering
  • Stock Management without using a PC
  • 100,000 PLU’s make for a great Retail Scanning Solution

The  Uniwell HX-5500 is made in Japan and is an All-in-one embedded Point of Sale Terminal which offers superior security & reliability.

It is Robust and purpose built designed for high volume environments. It can also be linked with other HX Series Terminals allowing you to have a mixture of models for different area’s.

You have the system fully customised to suit individual business requirements and remote POS program maintenance and sales reporting options are also available using Uniwell Lynx Software.

Phoenix Hand Held Ordering

The HX-5500 can be linked with Android Tablets using the “Phoenix” Hand Held Application which was developed specifically for Uniwell. There are no dedicated terminals required; commonly-available Android Terminals in the market would serve as Hand Held Ordering terminals for a lower investment.

Complete Table Management covering multiple locations and different ranges by Clerk. Table status can be also updated using different colours so you are able to see information such as Reserved, Seated, Ordered, Bill Issued, Paid, Cleaning and Vacant.

A range of Multi Buy, Meal Deals and Combos can be configured and in addition to this, you can schedule “Happy Hour” styles of promotions. It is important to be able to configure and run promotions but it is more essential that you can monitor the impact the promotion has. The HX5500 provides detailed price reports that show the effect of running these sorts of promotions.

Custom Loyalty

The HX-5500 can be configured to run a simple low cost loyalty system that allows you to provide loyalty cards to your customers and provide them with special pricing and discounts. The built-in customer database keeps track of customer ordering and when they last ordered. With this, the internal database, it is also possible to manage employee meals at canteens subsidised by the company, as an example.

Real-time Stock Control

There are many businesses that cannot justify the time and resources to manage a fully featured stock control system. The HX-5500 comes as a standard real-time stock control system that, with minimal effort, will provide accurate stock control for the key product lines.

Management Information

A wide range of detailed reports provide managers and owners with information they need to control and drive the business forward. The HX-5500 can be configured to automatically send sales data (in XML Format) to a remote FTP server or Web based reporting service such as UniPortal.

Why Choose Embedded POS?


An embedded POS Terminal is an “All-in-one” Solution with no separation between operating systems and POS Application. This singular purpose provides greatly enhanced security, as users can’t access the internet and introduce external information to the POS Terminal’s memory.


Uniwell’s proprietary technology removes risk areas in relation to system stability. POS features are specifically designed to be robust and easy to operate. Third-party applications can’t be loaded onto the dedicated POS Terminal, so stability is not compromised.

Operational Speed

Uniwell have been developing their POS Technology for decades. A properly configured Uniwell POS System provides superior functionality, while still being faster and simpler to use for an operator than many other Point of Sale products.

Purpose-Built Hardware

Embedded POS Terminals are specifically designed to cope with day-to-day requirements of high-volume hospitality and retail venues. Uniwell has a long-standing reputation for quality POS hardware that can handle the physical workload that a standard tablet, laptop or PC may not.